Friday, December 28, 2007

zzz shld be doing proj but i m writing blog now?

is this sem's proj too hard...or is i slack?

not as much confident as b4 in this sem, but no matter what, must get them done, can't afford to way man.

fri to nx monday will be working at centrepoint 7-11...hmmm

and 2008 is coming...nt much hard feeling but somehow, still looking forward ya? after all, it's so called a new start...

i think it's still somehow not easy for me to open up and express myself the way i wish to? maybe family's nt with me for so long? few years then see cousins once?so like nt realli good at communicate and build relationship with people...maybe coz of the lack of family bonding that makes me lack of the feeling of secure and so eager to find a shell to hide inside?sigh. really. kinda envy people that have siblings and have family outing.

enough of emo-ing. work hard...for the future. though still...fates decides.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


internet marketing:
ica2 individual project - 18th jan 2008
ica2 project - week 17( feb?)

global supply chain:
ica project due - 7th jan or 11th

ica 1 part c - 14th jan
ica3 indi test - 21st jan
entre day - week 16

internet security:
ica 2 chapter4,6,7,8 - week13or 14
case study 10%

practical after term break
assignment,written test

not forgotten...
update the blog also.

omg.good luck.

baby gave me a bracelet from mintmark& co for xmas, it...and the red box with the snow flake is nice... long as i have you...enough le...