Monday, November 30, 2009

good health is a bless...

just the day before we went johor, grandma fell down again and sent to TTSH. i really hate, or rather say, scare to go hospital, because when i saw those patients, i just feel weird, don't know how to describe the feeling, it just ain't good.

she's going to hospitalise for about a week, and heard that doctor is going to discuss with uncle whether granny needs to go for operation. she's already 80 plus, it's such a TORTURE to go for operation at this age! and it's dangerous; but it's frature, so might be no choice but go for op? TOUGH DECISION? but i really can't imaging how painful it is for her to go under the knife again! what if she cant tolerate the pain or whatever happen? i can't take it. i am weak! hais when i thought i will be nagged by her everyday, now nobody nag at me again...

mum's health ain't that good as well, high blood pressure and i really feel that health is really realllly important! when u are sick, not only financially, but physically suffer...hais...

Besides, feel blur about the future again, where to stay? what do work? it bothers me again and again and nv stop.


anyway, trying to see if i am able to pay on behalf of mum for grandma's fees, i guess i will try to find more jobs~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

in SG

wanted to blog about few events but still lazy to upload the pics and stuff..hmmm

been here for a far so good~ happy mood everyday so far =) and been punctual to work~ whee improvement?

company block facebook and here i am blogging~~

but feel sleepy already..lazy to cont now .. so dots. lols

oh ya thinking if wanna dye black colour..the Bigen brand~~hmm

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

omg still slacking mode? hmmmm... but still gooooood luck for my exams!

i created this home-made rice wrap~whee

Friday, August 28, 2009

Exam Schedule - View
Chen Tina
2009 Second Semester
Class NbrClass
Catalogue Nbr
TimeExam Type -->
29 Oct 2009
2:15PM- 5:30PM

--> --> --> -->
Closed Book
Calculators Permitted

31 Oct 2009

--> --> --> -->
Closed Book
No calculators permitted

5 Nov 2009

--> --> --> -->
Restricted Book - Written upon
No calculators permitted

6 Nov 2009

--> --> --> -->
Closed Book
Calculators Permitted

wah so early finish~ might be going back sg after exam period~ woo long hol~

Monday, August 03, 2009

been here for almost a month, really need to brush up my english. Uni life is kinda diff, and the study style as well, not really used to it yet as it needs much more independency...a person like me, whom even ask fren to help me pick up my handphone and help me to talk, needs time to adjust to this style eh...realise most of the time i am the one whom say "HI" to others first, well, i think if not, how to get to know others right? and keep hearing pple say i look familiar to them, i wonder why and if this is a good thing?

luckily my hp and shoe are still in the style of auckland? lols, so some pple thought i've been here for quite long while i've been here only less than a month?

anyway kinda worried now as my mum told me she met a car accident few day ago! wth! why accident happens to her again! DAMN! she kanna hit and bounce to 2 m away! shit the car driver!!!!!!!!! arh this is too scary isnt it! car accident, you might just lose your life if meet a car accident! luckly mum is fine, as she claimed, and hopefully it is the truth. she dun wish to tell me in the first place,scared i will be worried, but i told her, as an adult, i've the right to know and i have to learn to accept any bad news. arh but the worst thing is i can't be by her side when this kind of shit thing happend to her! God bless her with good health plesse. i BEG YOU. i can't take it if anything bad happen again, and at the same time i am new to a new country, differnt kind of stress just will be coming i foresee. sometimes i wonder why i made this choice, but there is no turning back?

still got so many assignement to do but i still feel quite lost? oh mine, hope can get through this, i can't afford to fail.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

in Auckland`

hey there, if you happened to read my blog, please note that....MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT IS GONE!!
due to some mistake...dots..sian..trying to reset and re- add soon

Sunday, May 31, 2009

can't describe the feeling now...

finally, i've got the answer and things are settled! like finally. but after the excitement, i realise there are actually more worries coming towards me.

the money issue, i think i really used to the comfortable life here, i did save up but like my mum said, i didn't save up the MAXIMUN amount that i can actually save, i still anyhow spend on food, clothes bla bla. now she gave me the warning that i gonna prepare to suffer when i go auckland, she will only like sponsor me 10k for everything, the extras, i gonna earn byself. i am actually a little bit scared, as i didnt touch the book almost 1 year and a half, work and study at the same time ain't easy, now feel more stress as i am really working for my own living, i am really seems things are so strange and unkown to me. anyway, chose this path, i will just go for it, hope i can adopt it as time goes by.

i feel abit down now, esp when i am with my grandma, i can feel that she very bu she de, i can somehow feel the sadness frm her action and expression, even thu she didn't say anything, i was like peep at her on and off and got this crying feeling, i don't know what to say also, but i know how she feels, i dont feel good as well.

hais...when i havent get the approval, i keeping chasing it, now i got it, i feel very lost, tats human nature i guess, i feel awful. and i wonder when will i be back.

aniway, i really hope the safety in auckland is fine, i am quite worried.


Friday, April 17, 2009

JP Morgan Run

Number 9465. Lol.
JP Morgan run 2009, dated 16.04.2009 6pm.
erm..when reached tat time it showed 57 mins...but can i like deduct 10mins? coz after the run started, i think i got stucked for at least 10mins? lol.. then, compared to the starndard charter, the route is not as nice to run, and it got U-turn one, i don't like.
After that heard people say that quite a number of people cheated during the run, i not sure how lar but somehow is like they wait at duno which point then after that join back the crowd. I think it saved around 2km's run?
but well, fair run is better lar.... got pride okay.
tmr gonna submit all the docs again. hopefully no more doc they asked from me lar! coz it's quite frustrating as i actually go apply it quite early this time but end up now like quite rush again. super low efficiency!
April Already, july is the date. I can't wait to get the visa and flight off! and, to leave the job that i don't think i suit!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

one more try.

the bruises i got from archery~ 1st lesson only blue-black, and this time round see blood!

hurt till i got abit phobia already so decided to get the protection set from instructor. 2 pieces, one for finger and one for elbow.

realise i don't really have must strength,hmm thinking how to improve on this. now the distance is only 5M away, as the level goes up, the distance will be further, which requires more strength.

week before last week is kinda sux i should say, and it's the first time that my health is affected due to this kind of stress. but after that incident, i feel the sudden change of my attitude towards certain things, and realise sometimes,silence is really a good way to keep things going. i just wish i can safely cont to work till the day my nzl visa is settle, i hope GOD won't let me disappointed again and again, my heart is weak...hmmm

and feel that sometimes, the longer u know the person, u actually realise that the lesser you understand the that point of time feel abit lost actually, but i think we just need to learn how to adjust this kind of feeling and accept the fact, and maybe try to know more about the diff side of your fren. arh watever.

lastly, i think big mouth people is getting irritating.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

sux man

Will be away to HK and GZ from 26th to 5th Feb, a super last minute decision, it sounds funny but I don’t know why just suddenly feel like going Disney Land, trying to find some happiness there or what? But I am only able to treat daddy go, I wonder when we can go as a complete family…can’t believe it, it’s been more than 10 years since I saw my mother? I don’t think anyone is able to image how it’s like unless you are the one who’s experiencing it.

Waiting, yes waiting is really the worse feeling in the world for me at the moment.

As I got bonus this month, so I plan to bring more money for this trip, since it’s winter there and I’ve not much winter clothes, I thought I can have a good shopping and also, able to treat my relatives yum cha, dinner etc, and also, to cover daddy’ expense for two weeks, lol which I think I will feel quite happy as finally I am able to give instead of take, and which, also make me feel tat I’ve finally grow up a bit?

Arh damn but now, my wallet is suddenly so tighten up as I’ve spend nearly 1.7k for just one teeth. Yea can’t believe it man is 1.7k SGD. FAINT! Cannel treatment, few years ago my right side I rmb is cost about 300 plus,,,now is 5 times it…dentist is like the thief whom can steal your money legally! And you can’t say NO.

As our co. will sponsor us 200 bucks for dental so I thought of using it to fill the tooth and also to wash my teeth, but then the dentist told me that the hole is too big and unable to fill anymore, the only way is to do the root canal treatment, which I roughly know what it’s about and I know it’s expensive, I was like thinking, huh again. Okay so I asked the price and I didn’t expect he told me it is around 950 bucks, nearly 1000? Wah it’s like WOW. I asked if I don’t do and leave it like that then? He said cannot lar, eventually it will drop off, so like no choice, that is an important teeth, I lost one already, cannot lose another one liao. So start lor, then half way he told me my teeth is very complicated and is beyond his skill to cont, need to divert me to another specialist, wah, BEYOND SKILL, What a phrase, sommore he’s the dentist that I quite trust in de leh,now told me this, bo bian, I must cont so I follow his instruction and went to paragon’s level 11. dental clinic opens at PARAGON, walao, supre high price, except that, I do feel the difference as the equipment, environment all these are really more Pro the feeling~ then this side along, 1200 k plus, and Saturday still need to go back bishan one to do the crown thing, which total will be 460 plus…SUPER BIG HOLE IN MY POCKET, suddenly I lost all the plans as it’s such a big sum of money that I spend,

Suddenly feel health is so important, no matter how much u earn, if you are not healthy, eventually all the money will be eaten up by doctors and dentist!
Felt my tooth is so expensive now and must watch out what I eat already? Super no mood..and first time got and MC and is due to dental? Kind of weird.

And I really HATE AUSSIE EMBASSY! No news yet and hello sem is going to start, they are super irresponsible and the agency told me there is no way to complain. What kind of shit is there sia. Really start to hate them! Okay althu my case is more complicated but also dun need to drag till so long? I just feel that they are wasting my life! So I guess I shall prepare the worse, deferment and also another country?

And if I start my practical, am I able to complete b4 the deadline? It’s all about time, DAMN AUSSIE EMBASSY! But I don’t even know who I can complain to, hate the government, feel so helpless,

Simply nth seems right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hanging nowhere, I am working for sth I don’t really like but I can do nth right now, I just have to hang here, but its seems the performance is getting worse, and seeing people anyhow give you comment without any logic and evidence just made you so pissed off, I am getting insecure already as I really don’t know what’s in their mind and how they think about you, for now, I just wish to faster end the work and leave, I don’t wish to have more communication already.