Saturday, September 30, 2006

bye sept

last day of september,last day work at ramen ten as well. oct will be a new month, and the starting of a new job.

shall not think too much. when u work u wanna quit,when u going to quit u wanna stay. how ironic life is.

been busy.

seldom wake up as early as today sia. and i think i don't like water color, wonder what i were drawing yesterday.

sometimes when i say sorry,doesn't mean that i agree that was my fault, maybe i simple just want to make the atmosphere better. get it.

nice songs make ur day.

that's all.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


tues to wed class chalet. had fun.

wed slp till 6pm sth, went for tuition, then mos.
-->you don't drink so much leh...

thurs went fortunate restaurant@ toapayoh. had dim sums for xia wu cha...nice!
-->family family family!

fri today water painting for lesson.

nervous to view result...arhhh...coz feel that did not do well...hmpt nvm...wat's done is done.

will join kick boxing when school reopen with anna. whee.

Monday, September 11, 2006


yesterday stay with winnie and ning till 2am plus...chit chat and play...funny and nice haha =) then first time take the NR1 realise it got alight at amk and bishan...not bad eh...

then ting hui is in singapore...woohoo...she finish her A and she got into cambridge uni! that's so great. what make me more envy is that she got to travel to italy,scotland and some places~ like so wonderful! italy...a place that i wanted to go...feel that she's quite enjoying life...i think live in western country is free and nice...abit motivated to work harder for my goal~!

had lunch with her and king at aji tei, my favourite unagi and sashimi bento...yum yum but not that full...but i was late again...and we all need to leave early like ard 2 plus to 3 sth, coz king need study for her maths exam tmr, me nid go for tuition and th meet her sis...hopefully tmr will see her again.

was like at least 1 year or more then can see her once, maybe i dun talk as much as b4, but inside my heart, i am really really happy...haix why always like that one, those people that i like and want to meet, must wait at least a year then can meet's really really really a torture to me.....haix....feel very empty when everytime apart with them,both my family and friends.


however in our life, some pple we might not want to see them, but we need to see them very often. isn't it a torture as well. opps. late for tuition, late for ramen ten. like a chain...late for one thing...then resulted late for everything.


Friday, September 08, 2006

sometimes i really wonder...if other people were in my shoe, can they be real happy?

messy background.
messy status
unknown future like u can't even know where u will settle down.
messy home.

messy until u dun even wanna go clear ur mind to think about it. there' ll nv be an answer for it.

well but at least, i survived?

finish poly maybe the condition will be better, sometimes really hope time can pass abit faster.

yea i know i keep complaining abt it no use at all. so okay mum, i choose to live strong no matter what.

pple only see my smile, do they really understant what's behind a smile?

all i ask for is a simple and happy home. i don't wanna blame u anything already cause i know it will only hurt you. i know u live not easy as well. let's work hard together even we are physically apart.

okay enough of emo shit.

so envy sia anna got to meet westlife in person! that is like a dream comes true man!! she got to tok to them and get their signature omg~ makes me so regret that time nv go for bsb least can breath under the same wanna blame myself! haix..coz sometimes when u miss a chance, u won't know when it will come again...maybe never.

she is so high now that wanna meet up. maybe later? really xian mu lehx...if i got to see bsb in real life i tink i also dun wanna slp already................................................

tmr should be a nice day too. that's all.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

short updates

working is quite okay.
saw kwon sang woo at imm...crowed like mad...he is so charming!!
did some quite a number of things...and googles of couse...shld try do more sports during holiday.

swimming no i mean

that day had a big quarrel with mum...shout to the phone till like all the passer-by look at me? who cares, can't control. but luckily,now okay liao.

had a over night chatting time too...whee know some new stuff again.

liling reset her tamagotchi again and she was surprised that mine now is 3rd generation but really so hard to feed meh? -_-??

recently open a chinese blog at wretch...quite a simple and nice abit lazy to update here liao.