Sunday, October 19, 2008

laid back

just somehow feel that october's quite a good month for me, mood's been kinda good.

okay finally made the decision, chosen university of queensland over UNSW,well, honestly, since duno when, i kinda like UNSW, i don't know is because of its name or impression or what, just like it, so i guess i somehow feel abit upset that i didn't choose it, but since both school are about the same standard, then must think about the cost already, then, i choose the shorter duration one, the cost is quite a big difference. but of cuz, i am scared if i really got to go queensland, i will be alone then.TOTALLY ALONE. if syd, at least got mother and pple i know, but, unsw is too ex...HAIS. aniway, few more weeks i will know my near future, hopefully things goes smooth~ i am working aimlessly now as this is not what i want to do, i am like working to pass the time as well as earning money, but nonthless,i started to get used to the workplace, thu i am still blur sometimes.

11-12oct bintan kelong, i wanna go back to the sea again. really nice.i hope i can improve on my swimming skill and be more brave~ banana boat is fun thu i got mani injuries for that.

a really good getaway.

time to get a shades?

next, ice skatin with cols. fun too, and go vogue after that, drink abit already cannot liao...weak lu.

end of this month, 3 days 2 night chalet. yea man~hope to have fun.

hmm recently try to see what's facebook about, and found out that he got one too, and he's new and duno how to use as well, but won't add him at the moment yea..also he might not accept.watever,aniway, his look more pai kia now? hais. well honestly, if i really got to leave here, mayb i will wanna ask u out and ask u to answer some of my doubts...whatever.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008