Thursday, January 22, 2009

sux man

Will be away to HK and GZ from 26th to 5th Feb, a super last minute decision, it sounds funny but I don’t know why just suddenly feel like going Disney Land, trying to find some happiness there or what? But I am only able to treat daddy go, I wonder when we can go as a complete family…can’t believe it, it’s been more than 10 years since I saw my mother? I don’t think anyone is able to image how it’s like unless you are the one who’s experiencing it.

Waiting, yes waiting is really the worse feeling in the world for me at the moment.

As I got bonus this month, so I plan to bring more money for this trip, since it’s winter there and I’ve not much winter clothes, I thought I can have a good shopping and also, able to treat my relatives yum cha, dinner etc, and also, to cover daddy’ expense for two weeks, lol which I think I will feel quite happy as finally I am able to give instead of take, and which, also make me feel tat I’ve finally grow up a bit?

Arh damn but now, my wallet is suddenly so tighten up as I’ve spend nearly 1.7k for just one teeth. Yea can’t believe it man is 1.7k SGD. FAINT! Cannel treatment, few years ago my right side I rmb is cost about 300 plus,,,now is 5 times it…dentist is like the thief whom can steal your money legally! And you can’t say NO.

As our co. will sponsor us 200 bucks for dental so I thought of using it to fill the tooth and also to wash my teeth, but then the dentist told me that the hole is too big and unable to fill anymore, the only way is to do the root canal treatment, which I roughly know what it’s about and I know it’s expensive, I was like thinking, huh again. Okay so I asked the price and I didn’t expect he told me it is around 950 bucks, nearly 1000? Wah it’s like WOW. I asked if I don’t do and leave it like that then? He said cannot lar, eventually it will drop off, so like no choice, that is an important teeth, I lost one already, cannot lose another one liao. So start lor, then half way he told me my teeth is very complicated and is beyond his skill to cont, need to divert me to another specialist, wah, BEYOND SKILL, What a phrase, sommore he’s the dentist that I quite trust in de leh,now told me this, bo bian, I must cont so I follow his instruction and went to paragon’s level 11. dental clinic opens at PARAGON, walao, supre high price, except that, I do feel the difference as the equipment, environment all these are really more Pro the feeling~ then this side along, 1200 k plus, and Saturday still need to go back bishan one to do the crown thing, which total will be 460 plus…SUPER BIG HOLE IN MY POCKET, suddenly I lost all the plans as it’s such a big sum of money that I spend,

Suddenly feel health is so important, no matter how much u earn, if you are not healthy, eventually all the money will be eaten up by doctors and dentist!
Felt my tooth is so expensive now and must watch out what I eat already? Super no mood..and first time got and MC and is due to dental? Kind of weird.

And I really HATE AUSSIE EMBASSY! No news yet and hello sem is going to start, they are super irresponsible and the agency told me there is no way to complain. What kind of shit is there sia. Really start to hate them! Okay althu my case is more complicated but also dun need to drag till so long? I just feel that they are wasting my life! So I guess I shall prepare the worse, deferment and also another country?

And if I start my practical, am I able to complete b4 the deadline? It’s all about time, DAMN AUSSIE EMBASSY! But I don’t even know who I can complain to, hate the government, feel so helpless,

Simply nth seems right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hanging nowhere, I am working for sth I don’t really like but I can do nth right now, I just have to hang here, but its seems the performance is getting worse, and seeing people anyhow give you comment without any logic and evidence just made you so pissed off, I am getting insecure already as I really don’t know what’s in their mind and how they think about you, for now, I just wish to faster end the work and leave, I don’t wish to have more communication already.