Saturday, October 23, 2010

suddenly..i dun feel like going this church again.....i dun feel like socialise there anymore..i feel tired ...but...after watching the trailer of "most", my feeling toward God's love grows stronger, i wanna worship him, but i start to wonder, if mt well's acmc is the right place for me.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

bits and pieces

The Korean style noodle that our lady boss made for us..yummy~~

New zealand fashion week 2010, eh...nth much to see?

mango mooncake in my hand, and green tea mooncake in the box

one of my favourite frm J'S tea, caramel pudding~

my hair colour, i think not bright enough =_=

i am so amazed to find this in auckland, reminds me of my old times with the birds. this is fake anyway

acting cool? =_=

banana split,@new market

play around with my clothes, mix and match