Monday, July 24, 2006

exam timetable

Examination Timetable - Academic Year 2006/2007 Semester 1

24-AUG-06 (THU)
12:30PM - 02:30PM
G.221 (Z2) 103

25-AUG-06 (FRI)
08:30AM - 10:30AM
G.221 (Z2)

28-AUG-06 (MON)
12:30PM - 02:30PM
G.221 (Z1)

29-AUG-06 (TUE)
08:30AM - 10:30AM
G.221 (Z3)

30-AUG-06 (WED)
12:30PM - 02:00PM
G.221 (Z1)

Legend for Venue :
G.221 (Z1)
Sports Hall (Zone 1)
Block G, Level 2 [Sports Hall (Z1)]

G.221 (Z2)
Sports Hall (Zone 2)
Block G, Level 2 [Sports Hall (Z2)]

G.221 (Z3)
Sports Hall (Zone 3)
Block G, Level 2 [Sports Hall (Z3)]

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


must keep myself on the right track. somehow sometimes feels that i've behave unlike the usual me. like...throwing some attitude? not sure...just feel not that right.

sometimes only realise i've talking non-sense after my words have spoken out...hmm...what to do? feel paiseh and keep quiet maybe.

and if u feel that i've say some weird words to u? before trying to blame me, please check urself first.

pple got emotions...pple are easily being irritated. nowadays...for me,i think, if u feel that u're being irritated, try to ignore, turn away, keep quiet. and forget it. best for both parties. when u feel unhappy, u got to adjust it urself. find ur own way to be happy.

don't let all the projects studies occupied all ur times, spare some time for urself ,do something u like, and spend some time to do some meaningful events.

u shld not feel sad easily,even u feel so, u shld get rid of this feeling as soon as possible to move on. think about it, u got a healthy body, u got pple who love u, u got food,u can listen to so many types of music, u can join activities,u can buy the things u want...think about those pple who live in the 3rd country...u don't have the right to complaint that life is sux.

i think teaching is a nice job...but then feel paiseh when can't solve the question. the student not bad too...quite nice to chat with. and this is one conversation i find it
she:"teacher, ur horoscope izit libra?"
me:"ehh no...why?"
she:"nah...i thought u libra...cause i got many frens who are libra and they are short."
me:"lolx izit, for me i think libra usually good looking."
she agree:" yea i also think i though u are libra. then wat horoscope are u?"
me:" leo, how u find it then? i don't really like it coz i think it's abit fierce...coz lion mahx."
she:" har u leo arh? i thought usually leo is quite serious one."

conclusion. she think libra pple is short and good looking and leo pple is serious.
but she don't find me serious...coz i keep joke with her and chit chat maybe.
and she is libra as well.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


keke yishun fire station is nice...bcos of some pple... =)
tmr 10am tuition...swimming at night.
tues financial test.
24th jul hand in biz environment.

Monday, July 10, 2006

italy wins

Italy is the champion of 2006 fifa world cup Germany. yeah!

around 4am something like suddenly woke up and catch the last part of the match.pple only rmb the what if get the 2nd? French cried...

forget since when i support italy some years already...first attracted by totti if not wrong. wonder why world cup will make us feel so high and low sometimes...haha...

now it comes to and end.somehow abit not used to it...used to spend some night to watch it.hmmm...and some players...might not able to see them again...and for zidane...even more sad that he ended with a red card...

abit unfair during the matches...well but maybe life is like unfair world?

but after all...still happy that italy wins. makes this monday a good day somehow.

Monday, July 03, 2006


ysd shop with my puma italia jacket and wristband. i like them. but this month can't anyhow spend already. but anna still can't find her bag yet.hmm...

there's too much to catch up. feel mess up again.haix.

take notes:
-wed voice out
-thurs tuition
-fri nafa
-sat maybe ecp
-tcpip test next week
-next week check ecpj
-17th bic com proj
-24th biz environment proj
don't know why sometimes feel sad when looking at grandma. she's like in the house everyday. because of her legs so she didn't even go downstairs to have a tea or something. i never tell her how i feel at all, i just don't know how to show my care. haix... i know i should spend some hours with least have a small breakfast downstair...

mum dad grandmas grandpa i miss u...

friends... i don't know how to express that actually i did enjoy spending time with u. for those who i did not see for some time, i never show actually i did miss u all and hope that if u free to have a chat or go out sth...find me anytime.

maybe i don't talk as much sometimes, maybe i think this is a better way to keep myself from getting hurt, by talk lesser. even if i keep quiet.i do care. and when u talk to me, i am willing to listen and response.

and we need to know when is the time to stop the jokes.

still waiting for the true freedom...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

fifa world cup

there are more behind a soccer match.

watch both GER vs ARG and ENG vs POR match...penalty to decide who make it to the semi-final... so depends on luck...the winner side : overjoyed. the other side: sad...cry. how cruel...but no a game,there's winner and loser...

can feel the stress when watching a live soccer match...don't know since when so nervous and abit stressful when watching soccer...too unpredictable. a soccer match is not just simply a match...

italy gonna vs germany...hmmm i guess Germany will make it to final but of coz hope will be italy...hope they got the luck...totti goal! wanna see the final which is


too bad the nafa class got no shuai i shld say it's all za bo haha...lolx which is good also...can be more concentrate.

u know he is not what u want...u know the feeling for him is not that just simply like as a friend...u somehow feel abit happy when see him...but sometimes u just get irritated when talk to him...he is not yours but somehow u don't want other gals to get close to him...but after all...u just like him as a friend.keep a distance...maybe is better. maybe sometimes, you just don't have to know him too well...