Monday, November 30, 2009

good health is a bless...

just the day before we went johor, grandma fell down again and sent to TTSH. i really hate, or rather say, scare to go hospital, because when i saw those patients, i just feel weird, don't know how to describe the feeling, it just ain't good.

she's going to hospitalise for about a week, and heard that doctor is going to discuss with uncle whether granny needs to go for operation. she's already 80 plus, it's such a TORTURE to go for operation at this age! and it's dangerous; but it's frature, so might be no choice but go for op? TOUGH DECISION? but i really can't imaging how painful it is for her to go under the knife again! what if she cant tolerate the pain or whatever happen? i can't take it. i am weak! hais when i thought i will be nagged by her everyday, now nobody nag at me again...

mum's health ain't that good as well, high blood pressure and i really feel that health is really realllly important! when u are sick, not only financially, but physically suffer...hais...

Besides, feel blur about the future again, where to stay? what do work? it bothers me again and again and nv stop.


anyway, trying to see if i am able to pay on behalf of mum for grandma's fees, i guess i will try to find more jobs~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

in SG

wanted to blog about few events but still lazy to upload the pics and stuff..hmmm

been here for a far so good~ happy mood everyday so far =) and been punctual to work~ whee improvement?

company block facebook and here i am blogging~~

but feel sleepy already..lazy to cont now .. so dots. lols

oh ya thinking if wanna dye black colour..the Bigen brand~~hmm