Sunday, October 12, 2014

behind the mask

Can we look the same if we remove our mask?

There's tears behind smile; there's smile behind a cold expression. it's not that we want to be in this way, it's just that you feel safer to hide behind a wall;a wall that not everyone is patient and persevere enough to climb over...everyone is too busy to deal with their own lives.

Sometimes it just takes too much courage to open your heart and say the words that you really mean it; often, it turns out that what we say and what we actually wanted to say is not synchronized.  And what if misunderstanding arose from there? It's not unusual that we choose to keep quiet and let it be. Slowly, people distanced and disappear in your life. who to blame? 

We do not have the guts to confess and express freely because we are afraid of getting hurt and rejection, because the feeling is simply awful, and no one wants to look fragile in front of the rest.We keep guessing what's in another person's mind, how they think about us, how they judge us etc etc etc; and since we don't have the guts to be true to our feelings, we end up use our imagination to assume the conclusion, which might end up creates doubt, disappointment and resentment. 

However, if we keep hiding behind the safe zone and do not step out,  miracle is not gonna happen and nothing is gonna change. Take a step forward and we might be surprised with what it turn out to be. The question is, who, when and what can trigger this step to be moved?

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 2014

after so many years, finally officially a Singaporean. honest speaking, this does give me some sense of belongings; i guess its a good thing.

is this part of the plan for me?  bring me to oz please, at least a tour, and, i beg for your guidance for the next step of my life. i know i have been asking for your help, but i know You are always there to help me right?

thanks LORD.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 April

indeed. time heals.
recently feeling tired and lost about my work...but i guess it will be fine as time goes by...
i am still a lost child here, show me the way...

motivated again to learn canon in d...learnt so many things and gave up half way...disappointed in myself sometimes...but for canon in d, i wanna pick up violin again! and the dusty guitar at home...need better time management.