Sunday, June 25, 2006


sometimes i have choice. but i realise...sometimes...i just don't have the choice.
mum and i got this decision. no matter what i need to work here for at least 2 years due to the contract with no choice. work b4 continue my further study. i accept it. and i work for it. i will not give up the hope to go aus. i got no choice anyway.

finally told mum that i m giving tuition. she just accepted it naturally...haha so now no more secrets. she's still as open minded.glad. she's the best.

also...told her some of my feelings...about the dark side i saw in the society. she said maybe we need to accept and adapt it. 适者生存. and some pple just like to be bossy around.i asked:" so must i also have to become this kind of people then can live?" can't rmb what she answered,but if i have to become like that, i will never like myself. think about sick.

altough i've been working there for like 1 and a half year. but i am glad that i nv talk to them with a bossy tone and order pple here and there...pple got eyes,pple can see...and i won't pick on them after the mistakes have been made. especially when it's just careless mistake.for what sia~add more fuss izit?sometimes i wonder if this is good? coz if u don't bossy other words...means pple will bossy u ard.


i won't chit chat when is busy...or maybe i wiping things during chit chat...can u see?if i see sth haven't been clear up...u tink i will act like didn't see? so if i didn't see it...and i see another customer standing outside need my help, u scold for what? now so many "supervisors" in rt sia...everyone like to order to bossy ard. well...i try not to bother already but don't cross the line. to protect urself,okay,so work is work,don't ever joke.

maybe u've changed. but i won't deny if i've changed. things happened to me recently force me to have some diff views. kind of lost also.but what to do. haix...

sometimes, somethings i guess i still have the choice...but now school reopen again...i don't have the time to look ard yet.once i found. then i guess i will say bye to the place. ya... bu she de, but i know is not the same anymore.the joy is gone.

there's no right or wrong. coz pple usually think themselves are the right one. maybe it apply to myself as no pt to argue.

cut hair with anna later.

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