Monday, July 03, 2006


ysd shop with my puma italia jacket and wristband. i like them. but this month can't anyhow spend already. but anna still can't find her bag yet.hmm...

there's too much to catch up. feel mess up again.haix.

take notes:
-wed voice out
-thurs tuition
-fri nafa
-sat maybe ecp
-tcpip test next week
-next week check ecpj
-17th bic com proj
-24th biz environment proj
don't know why sometimes feel sad when looking at grandma. she's like in the house everyday. because of her legs so she didn't even go downstairs to have a tea or something. i never tell her how i feel at all, i just don't know how to show my care. haix... i know i should spend some hours with least have a small breakfast downstair...

mum dad grandmas grandpa i miss u...

friends... i don't know how to express that actually i did enjoy spending time with u. for those who i did not see for some time, i never show actually i did miss u all and hope that if u free to have a chat or go out sth...find me anytime.

maybe i don't talk as much sometimes, maybe i think this is a better way to keep myself from getting hurt, by talk lesser. even if i keep quiet.i do care. and when u talk to me, i am willing to listen and response.

and we need to know when is the time to stop the jokes.

still waiting for the true freedom...

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