Friday, September 05, 2008

mix feeling

been busy around yet still thinks alot...

i am getting worst....i realli wanna be a punctual person, i am feeling super irresponsible right matter how serious i am during work...i know being late for work already spoilts everything...i am feeling very bad for that seriously yet at the same time...i keep repeating the same mistake...i wonder why am i like that? i realliii wanna change~!

honestly when pple ask me if i like my job, i just simply say out i don't know, no feeling, not say like, not say don't like as well. most importantly, the aus thing realli kills me, i am like waiting for the day to settle it, but still choosing betw the schools~ i need to bargain for two years instead of's tiring man...keep sending and waiting emails, kills me. at the same time, i realli realli scared the visa will be rejected, if that realli happens i realli will feel the end of the world i guess....BLESS ME PLS! i am still wandering around hais...

sometimes feel quite insecure as well, as u won't know when others are PMS-ing, hais, and quite scared when sth's screw up, it makes u nervous. hais duno le

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