Monday, August 03, 2009

been here for almost a month, really need to brush up my english. Uni life is kinda diff, and the study style as well, not really used to it yet as it needs much more independency...a person like me, whom even ask fren to help me pick up my handphone and help me to talk, needs time to adjust to this style eh...realise most of the time i am the one whom say "HI" to others first, well, i think if not, how to get to know others right? and keep hearing pple say i look familiar to them, i wonder why and if this is a good thing?

luckily my hp and shoe are still in the style of auckland? lols, so some pple thought i've been here for quite long while i've been here only less than a month?

anyway kinda worried now as my mum told me she met a car accident few day ago! wth! why accident happens to her again! DAMN! she kanna hit and bounce to 2 m away! shit the car driver!!!!!!!!! arh this is too scary isnt it! car accident, you might just lose your life if meet a car accident! luckly mum is fine, as she claimed, and hopefully it is the truth. she dun wish to tell me in the first place,scared i will be worried, but i told her, as an adult, i've the right to know and i have to learn to accept any bad news. arh but the worst thing is i can't be by her side when this kind of shit thing happend to her! God bless her with good health plesse. i BEG YOU. i can't take it if anything bad happen again, and at the same time i am new to a new country, differnt kind of stress just will be coming i foresee. sometimes i wonder why i made this choice, but there is no turning back?

still got so many assignement to do but i still feel quite lost? oh mine, hope can get through this, i can't afford to fail.

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