Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's day Still...

another mama day's gone, yet this is just another mama day without my mum by my side again..father's day is coming yea? yet it will be another dad's day without my dad by my side...sometimes i really hope there won't be any festivals like this...but what to do? when can i really celebrates all these with them? QUESTION MARK.

aniway...althou future is still so unknown to me, but sometimes i realise i can comfort myself to face it with a better attitude...ever since i came to nzl, i just feel that some1's helping me...otherwise, juz by myself, how could i be able to solve all the problems i faced here? i feel so blessed when i look for accomadation and jobs, and my study too, always last minute but still safe. all these are hard to just use the word "lucky" to describe...and because of this, i start to believe GOD is actually watching over me...well, i've never thought myself believe in this, esp when i was in SG, i detest Christian, coz some of them are just so...yucks...opps...forgive me to say that. but here, i can really feel the peace, and a few times, my heart's touched, i can't explain the feeling but i juz can't explain why my tears came out...

and I've meet some gals i kinda like...well, got feel? lols...nice to hug too =x

aniway, partly becos of IP MAN 2, i decided to go for Wing Chun lesson next thurs, hope it will be a nice one.

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