Saturday, September 18, 2010

bigger hole in my pocket

Leave house at 8.30AM today, me, yy and rebec follow Kelly to East Tamaki, kind of warehouse sale. thought of juz window shopping, coz the sale there is like skin care, make up and fragrances, i thought i wont be that interested to buy but they were like "we shall see"...

It is an Elizabeth Arden sale, the prices there are really much lower than retail price,

so in the end, i bought a few, eye cream, moisture lotion, eye shadows, and some gifts that i prepare for frens' bday. even saw britney, hilary duff, usher and M's fragrances, the prices are really good, didnt know they are under Elizabeth Arden till today.

quite guilty sia coz the hole in my pocker is getting bigger! recently abit over-spending, my exam results also not that good so i feel super guilty now. shit..shall control!

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