Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas party for the children with intellectual disability at MINDSville@Napiri

Date:20 dec 2010

i tot we r going to visit the homless kids oni, becos i didnt really read the email, then i realise the children there are with intellectual disabilities. at first abit scared coz was wondering how to deal with them, but slowly, i enjoy this event, and would like to participate more.

i paired with this girl, we can't really communicate as she can't talk and it seems she has problem of understanding things, her hands r being tied as the nurse she is uncontrollable, she will run away.she can't talk but she always want to kiss or hug you, starting abit scared, but ultimately i realise a way that can calm her down---- food =x
personally i like this boy, he seems polite and mild~ i duno why he's been tied up becos he seemed normal to me, but at least when i say Hi to him, he replied me like..immediately..=)

actually i am quite lucky, on and off come back to the same company to work during holiday, its not usual i guess, and currently happy working, althu i feel sleepy and tired all the time ~.~

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