Friday, September 08, 2006

sometimes i really wonder...if other people were in my shoe, can they be real happy?

messy background.
messy status
unknown future like u can't even know where u will settle down.
messy home.

messy until u dun even wanna go clear ur mind to think about it. there' ll nv be an answer for it.

well but at least, i survived?

finish poly maybe the condition will be better, sometimes really hope time can pass abit faster.

yea i know i keep complaining abt it no use at all. so okay mum, i choose to live strong no matter what.

pple only see my smile, do they really understant what's behind a smile?

all i ask for is a simple and happy home. i don't wanna blame u anything already cause i know it will only hurt you. i know u live not easy as well. let's work hard together even we are physically apart.

okay enough of emo shit.

so envy sia anna got to meet westlife in person! that is like a dream comes true man!! she got to tok to them and get their signature omg~ makes me so regret that time nv go for bsb least can breath under the same wanna blame myself! haix..coz sometimes when u miss a chance, u won't know when it will come again...maybe never.

she is so high now that wanna meet up. maybe later? really xian mu lehx...if i got to see bsb in real life i tink i also dun wanna slp already................................................

tmr should be a nice day too. that's all.

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