Monday, September 11, 2006


yesterday stay with winnie and ning till 2am plus...chit chat and play...funny and nice haha =) then first time take the NR1 realise it got alight at amk and bishan...not bad eh...

then ting hui is in singapore...woohoo...she finish her A and she got into cambridge uni! that's so great. what make me more envy is that she got to travel to italy,scotland and some places~ like so wonderful! italy...a place that i wanted to go...feel that she's quite enjoying life...i think live in western country is free and nice...abit motivated to work harder for my goal~!

had lunch with her and king at aji tei, my favourite unagi and sashimi bento...yum yum but not that full...but i was late again...and we all need to leave early like ard 2 plus to 3 sth, coz king need study for her maths exam tmr, me nid go for tuition and th meet her sis...hopefully tmr will see her again.

was like at least 1 year or more then can see her once, maybe i dun talk as much as b4, but inside my heart, i am really really happy...haix why always like that one, those people that i like and want to meet, must wait at least a year then can meet's really really really a torture to me.....haix....feel very empty when everytime apart with them,both my family and friends.


however in our life, some pple we might not want to see them, but we need to see them very often. isn't it a torture as well. opps. late for tuition, late for ramen ten. like a chain...late for one thing...then resulted late for everything.


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