Tuesday, November 07, 2006

blog at SCHOOL lab

house internet down. no online for me don't know till when sia...hmmm...

happy bday for both "piggie" and "da qiu".

had fun yesterday. simply likes food. and nowadays like to observe the design of the cakes. thurs also bought a cake for grandma.

just now watch a show called " final fu" , mtv channel.not bad, got more motivation to learn k.b better.

nowadays got lots injuries thu is just minor ones, from k.b and frisbee training. but had fun too.

wed frisbee tournament...try my best. aim? don't get the bottom 3~ come on man~

sat is going to haf fun~woohoo...eat prata then rollerblade. if got the money think will consider get a pair, coz the rollerblade shoe at ecp is soooo smelly........ also....nowadays like to eat at prata places, eat prata and drink milo dinosaur~~

nice food just make ur day.

aniway. juz wish to haf peace.

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