Sunday, November 19, 2006

feel extremely tired....

after her A-level, she should feel happy isn't it? i keep saying i am so envy's like...freedom days are ahead man...not like me...still struggling... but instead, she don't feel that way, many problems in her mind. one of the main inciddent made her feel this way...

" u treat this person as ur best friend, however, that person might not treat u the same way, she may just treat u as one of her normal friends only."

i got this thought b4 as well, and when she said this, it makes me wonder again...

yes, will they feel the same way like i do? i have not much confidence suddenly.

i admit my temper is not really good.i try to mind my words, but why sometimes they just never know and realise how hurtful their words are? i really wanna shoot back but at that moment i just like lack of words. u shoot me do not means i must do the same ya?

but female is xiao qi, forgive not forget.

recently really wonder what kind of life is this? school is just not that good.

i need a break. haix.

should things better to keep in heart? or pour it out? i really haf no idea already. maybe just don't think about it first.

so many school works nid to do like that...but like nth is done?

some people trying to say some words that made it sound like they are caring, nice and kind. but when things really happen, they might just watch u die, or shoot u behind. sick isnt't it?

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