Wednesday, November 12, 2008

boring entry

Cindy Ong, give me the pics to BLOG~~~~~~ was seriously stress up, serious, can't even sure what i am doing during work, just knew that i am keep doing and doing, hope nth goes wrong coz i am just "doing"...hais...quite insecure when u don't have the confidence in what you do yea...

damn why must they torture me like that? when i thought all the docs are ready, then tell me still need this still need that, then ask me send this and get that, even when the docs are so true and completed, they still got doubts and ask for more. hello, you simply say u want this, but what i need is to send things here and there. I GOT Not much time, damn it's really killing me, waste my time, also make me stuck in the air, i can't plan anything. damn. i really hope that i can directly talk to the officer, her/his brain stuck izit? Can they process faster? really hates this feeling, super super insecure and lost.

saw this tag, and suddenly recall that last time used to have few gals that called me "lao gong", hmm thinking back, like quite sweet huh? mayb i should find a new wife to call me lao gong le?hmmm...

well, i think i am fine that lost contact with some pple, i shall not give a damn also, no point one-sided, don't have to cherish the frenship if the other party don't even make effort? BYE...take care.

guys are getting weird and hard to understand, and i don't trust love as much like i do before i guess? it seems so hard for guys to remain faithful? i don't even trust my father, i keep asking my mother stop being soft hearted, always listen to him and give in to him, now i am still waiting for the visa to approve, on the other hand, my father is only care about his money because he wanna buy stocks, damn, super disappointed at the moment i heard about that, does he ever care about my future? WE NEED Money and now he only care about his STOCK? and honestly i really doubt if my dad is being faithful, i don't trust any men,there are just so many temptation outside, and my mother's backbone is too hard i guess, she agree to let him take back the money once it's done. WTh, in my whole life, did he ever care about my feeling and my study? well like other says, it's quite amazed that without parents by my side, i didn't gone bad? yea i wonder why also, sometimes i also wonder how i grow up like this i can't really rmb the feeling of that. sad? well at least compare to some, i am able to buy things that i like? so what? you can never make up for the love that i lack of. nowadays, how many love ones can last forever?

you simply flirt with everyone, or just that i think too much? stop flirt like this, it will makes me wonder. i can't sure if i sense right sometimes. hais.

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