Thursday, December 04, 2008

Quick Update again

~End of oct till start of nov eldc chalet


~FINALLY PASS FTT AT THE 3RD ATTEMPT.conclusion, if wanna pass, better go and study. but then again, wonder when can start practical as things still unkown YET.HAIS,again.
~always nice to eat cake man... ate the cakes that i like on friends' bday...which are awfully choc and the mint choc cake...LOL

Co.'s D&D at the end of Nov.

vain sia...curly hair for a nite. maybe in the future will perm? well, finally get a blonde patch lol..but think will dye back soon least finally tried~lol

sat will be collecting the running pack and sunday will be the standard charter marathon already. I am like didn't go and train and not wearing a proper running shoe...gonna suffer man...just hope won't puke and be able to complete the whole race, but still can't imaging keep running for more than an hour...
and recently realise sth weird, recently only, i feel like i lost/forget the feeling of like some1?just like kind of numb and can't recall how its like? besides, i like to tease girls? hmmm...

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