Sunday, March 15, 2009

one more try.

the bruises i got from archery~ 1st lesson only blue-black, and this time round see blood!

hurt till i got abit phobia already so decided to get the protection set from instructor. 2 pieces, one for finger and one for elbow.

realise i don't really have must strength,hmm thinking how to improve on this. now the distance is only 5M away, as the level goes up, the distance will be further, which requires more strength.

week before last week is kinda sux i should say, and it's the first time that my health is affected due to this kind of stress. but after that incident, i feel the sudden change of my attitude towards certain things, and realise sometimes,silence is really a good way to keep things going. i just wish i can safely cont to work till the day my nzl visa is settle, i hope GOD won't let me disappointed again and again, my heart is weak...hmmm

and feel that sometimes, the longer u know the person, u actually realise that the lesser you understand the that point of time feel abit lost actually, but i think we just need to learn how to adjust this kind of feeling and accept the fact, and maybe try to know more about the diff side of your fren. arh watever.

lastly, i think big mouth people is getting irritating.

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