Friday, April 17, 2009

JP Morgan Run

Number 9465. Lol.
JP Morgan run 2009, dated 16.04.2009 6pm.
erm..when reached tat time it showed 57 mins...but can i like deduct 10mins? coz after the run started, i think i got stucked for at least 10mins? lol.. then, compared to the starndard charter, the route is not as nice to run, and it got U-turn one, i don't like.
After that heard people say that quite a number of people cheated during the run, i not sure how lar but somehow is like they wait at duno which point then after that join back the crowd. I think it saved around 2km's run?
but well, fair run is better lar.... got pride okay.
tmr gonna submit all the docs again. hopefully no more doc they asked from me lar! coz it's quite frustrating as i actually go apply it quite early this time but end up now like quite rush again. super low efficiency!
April Already, july is the date. I can't wait to get the visa and flight off! and, to leave the job that i don't think i suit!

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