Monday, January 18, 2010


4 more weeks to go, sometimes just can't deny that time really flies, 3 months sounds so long yet i feel like as if i've just returned home.

random thoughts...

Sometimes won't you wonder...
2 persons, once so closed, suddenly,you just don't know where went wrong, they just split and getting lesser to talk to each other, slowly, when they see each other, just smile, say hi, and have some casual chit chats, no more heart to heart talks, you just suddenly have a weird feeling towards this once-so-closed friend,now, they just like some casual friends, you just contact or see them once in a blue moon or if lucky, bump into each other on the street.

i don't really know what happen to this particular one, and i wonder if she knows why, when i see you, at the moment, i feel excited, and heart beats abit faster than usual ( as if i've got feeling for you?), it made me sigh at the same time, because somehow i feel the gap in between. However, i just can't forgot those things u did, this made me become a small gas person and i decied not to give in. if some1 doesn't treat you the way like u do, forget it then.

i wonder when i will see you again, maybe bump into each other soon? sometimes i even thing that, if i were a boy, i guess maybe i will fall for you?

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