Sunday, February 21, 2010

who i am?

sometimes i really confused about my character, the real me. i think to quite a number of people, i am talkative, not shy? and easy to adapt to a new environment? even that day when i went for a job interview, the boss said that i like to talk -.- i was like replying "no lar not really", but i don't think he is convinced lar. but i do admit, under certain circumstance, i am talkative and like to joke around, i may not be a quiet and shy person, but i am not that cheerful as well.

i am nervous and maybe abit scared to enter into a new environment, to meet new people, because i will worry about if they are friendly? if what i say will offence them? if they will like me? i think this could be a sign of not confident enough. i can only be myself and feel comfortable with people whom i am familiar with by my side, after all these years, my independency is getting weaker, i just need to do things with partner? i just dun feel comfortable to do things alone? i enjoy companionship, that's why i really want to live with frens in this new country, but my budget will be a main problem =(((

tired. i think just stop here.

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