Thursday, March 04, 2010

blog in school

can't believe i am doing this, blogging in school library? feel so nerdy =x LOL... anyway just for once...around 15 more mins to the next and last lesson of the day.. ends at 4pm again...tiring~

school's suddenly; sudden as in i don't really feel like i am prepared for that. well, 3 of the modules do not have course book to sell, which means i have to check and print out the notes every week! they just dun want to put all the notes at once and i don't know why, this is bad for lazy pple like me! i just prefer them to sell the whole course notes nicely instead of print them myself everyweek. arh hates it =( most of my modules requires lots of writing and reading, i hope i can survive.

anyway, currently working at a souvenier shop, under training thu but i hope things go right, as i feel quite comfortable working there =x

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