Sunday, March 21, 2010


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the cupcakes ( 19 march 2010) c.g meeting

recently just feel very stress ~~ feel like i've been slacking again but i can't be like this for my current subjects! not as easy..and tests are coming! haiss

stress...this period really feel the financial stress...shit..mainly coz mum's have a new plan for her work..hope she get that shop for her tailoring biz...PRAY HARD! hais...sometimes i feel quite upset...why it seems i am one of the fews that needs to work to support my daily expenses while other kids are happily studying without this extra stress? but i know i just have to deal with it! i just nid to vent it out here! arhhh i am tired....and when it comes to attend activities, i feel quite suck to be w/o my own transport and have to trouble others! i hate this feeling! hates it, i don't wanna trouble others, i don't like the feeling when i can't control my own schedule etc...

hais..feel so mess up now...hates it...but i just can't be like other pple..they are able to easily express their anger, their sadness, their moody, i just not able to do this, i hates this too! but eventually, u just have to deal and solve ur own problem BY one else.

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Rebecca said...

we all have our own problems, potentially or obviously ; it s just represented in different time n different type; like what u said finally we all have to deal with them by ourselves; but, whatever happened to u or to us, we all here, support each other always;
Jia You Tina, U CAN DO IT, WE All :)