Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ramen ten

put my emo shit aside first. now is not the time to think so much.

hmmm stress up when teach harrison maths...a pri5 boy who don't understand how to calculate 1.5 X 1000...really stress...how to find a best way? wondering...

okay.erm last saturday after watching the france firework go kbox with rt peeps. the one sing to nx day morning 6am one. with winnie,liling,ning,mel,jw,derrick,fly,terrence and tommy.

skip the detail. they gave me this ice cream cake. i love cake! and sa bo around lolx...touched really...but paiseh also...but maybe bcoz it's nt the exact day liao so feeling abit weird haha...but thx.

this time don't feel sleepy throughout the whole session until everything's end.whee...

realise actually many gals like to play tamagotchi still...some boys too...get one lehx...play with ur fren u will see something interesting...lolx.

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