Saturday, May 27, 2006

painful sia

abt yesterday.
fri no school so planned to go ecp cycling+blading then eat the cake at awfullychocolate.
cycled for 2 hours.and it's quite cheap.$4 for 2 hours. cut it short. while steven and elaine reached ecp...we went to katong mall ate the cake i've kept thinking of..the awfullychocolate cake.cos stella always bring this cake while she's on the taiwan looks nice. and when i realise sg also have this eager to eat it...but...not as that super nice as expected bah...

when back to ecp again.decide to take blade.and it's ex lor $6 like for 1hr sth like that only...even worse...i only like blade for half...coz when bladed downslope i fall badly...i kiss the road lor...nearly cried.very pain...thought bend forward will be more steady~~! now still quite painful...bruises all over body...worst thing is my left side the face now is like a pig face...super this weekend bobian stay at home rest... as i said...face is a sensitive issue now...coz my mum's face and datz why...the first thing i said when reached home is "don't tell mum". on the way some bad things happen too like sth wrong with the bike and forget to get back elaine's ezlink...

a long and tiring day...nt that bad...will be better if those incidents didn't happen. for me. conclusion is...will not blade again soon till there is a pro with me. hmmm last time used to have one...kept changing my mind for the tuition things...some is lack of confidence and some is don't want to cheat.hmmm.. indecisive person. power is still low...zhou wei dou shi shan...guess is the most serious accident for me so far.hmmm not a good feeling.eyes pain also.time to rest again.hmm

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