Monday, August 08, 2005

abt the song:xin shang xin tong bu tong

For me,I prefer to write down my secretz inside my HappyHouse haha...i prefer to store more interesting stuffz here...
yea now i wld like to talk about a song called "xin shang xin tong bu tong"...haha sw will understand...lolz
i only know abt this song recently...becoz one of the superstar sang it during the competition...emphasis on the sentense"xin shang xin tong bu tong" this is my favourite and the only part i can rmb and sing...wana know how the actual song sounds like?my mp3 is always b there for u...

Here is the lyrics-->
背对着背偷偷的流泪 谁都害怕看谁的脸 静静回忆 追逐这些年 每一个爱的画面好美 背贴着背 沉默中无言 迷恋的你 万念俱灰 当我转身想吻你的泪 你却推开安慰 心伤心 痛不痛爱掏空 情失控 忘了听你想说什么 少了沟通变苦衷 心伤心 痛不痛 爱放纵情放手 忘了问你想要什麽 若给的起我都承受 走到门口我还你自由 泪在闪烁心在颤抖 爱情原来经不起犯错 扛不动回忆太重 寂寞太浓

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