Friday, August 12, 2005

my thoughts

Negative Thoughts -ve -ve -ve -ve

Sometimes,really feel that life is so colourless.Especially without any MOTIVATION.

feel so sick these days.feel so sick to see some people... feel so disgusted to see some stupid guys doing stupid stuff...lost i wish my world is only filled with gals

always feel that jc life is much more simple and happy,but aft what i heard frm ping,my views are changed.but anywhere,no matter where we are in,bad pple are around us.I don't really know how to distinguish these pple,thatz why i am kinda...scared.really don't want to get hurt.I am easily judge a person by his/her look and action,which is no good?

In this world_____

  • There are smokers
  • backstabbers
  • bull shitters
  • attention seekers
  • hypocrites
  • fake pple
  • flirts
  • act cuters
  • liars (u dare to say u nv lied b4? i dare u)
  • pple wif attitude problems
  • action pet
  • big mouth pple
  • more and more...

sick of them...but for liars...i mean...ya...who nv lied b4?if u say u nv...tok cock la!

sumtimes really scared to communicate with strangers or make new friends...really don't want to get hurt.but i m not trying to b anti-social,don't really want to...but sumtimes juz got this sick feeling...sick to see the things happen ard me.i prefer silence.that's the safest way.don't want to force myself to do something that i don't want if i feel moody or don't feel like toking ,i shall just keep my mouth shut.

anyway,feel so irritated when hear pple always complain abt all those super small things.fussy sia.i think sumtimes there is no point to show ur depression to others,don't spoilt other pple's day bcos of u.unless...the condition is really serious...

Confusion...straight...bend? tell me... i don't want..i just want a simple life...

talk so much...but anyway,it's my blog what.

gals can be boyish...and guys can be so girlish...

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