Wednesday, August 10, 2005

creamy day

Today,was such a ....Creamy Day.

Well...really suprising...

Got see pple kana ATTACK by cake on TV show b4...but nv expect this will ever happen to me thx for the one who sponsor this idea ( and i guess sher tiffany is the one ...)u all wasting food leh..think about the sunami victims lehx.I can sense sth will happen today,but i expect Water only,in the end...cake sia...wah hao hen leh ni CAREFUL...u ar the nx victim sia...oh ya today u also kana abit rite...haha...

the cream was all over my body sia...alot creams on the hair too...lookz like...shampooin...oh ya or should i blame the one who decide to buy a top?otherwise u all won't "force" me to wear it in this way?lolz.but i like the color...hehez

but i can't really rmb the details...coz keep will be quite fun if the victim is not OCTOBER can play again? lolz...oh ya and i tink chris is the first one who throw the cake on my hair? gei wo ji zhu horz...

well so nearly the whole day i got this creamy smell sia...nice smelling ya?hahaz

photo taken by:my gang partner...where ar sher tiffany and hei mei ren btw?

Mayb it will b quite cool to highlight sum white color?


Oh ya today's color quite obvious,izit sth to do wif the cream?

But I really Appreciate it!!! Thx Buddies!!! thx all...and thx the guys who carry the cake and try to block the's next?

(ps:ehh...i really so not feminine ar...? ~_~ ....oh ya's biz com was a disaster...)

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